Easy/Moderate: The Hagerman WMA, Idaho’s first WMA, was established principally to provide habitat for waterfowl and upland game birds, in 1940.  Today it includes 880 acres devoted to wildlife habitat.  Riley Creek, Tucker Springs, and Anderson Ponds(1-4), the Bass  Ponds, Goose Pond, and Riley Creek Ponds  and the extensive interior trail system provides the opportunity for birders to experience more than the wintering views of thousands of waterfowl on the Ponds, on this guided tour.  Birders may well see or hear , Black-crowned Night Herons and Great Blue Herons and a few resident waterfowl.   Screech  owls, short-eared owls, red-tailed hawks and northern harriers nest and raise their young here.  Marsh wrens and numerous warbler and sparrow species are common.  A varied thrush has been seen here and soras, Virginia rails, and American dippers have been spotted on these trails.  While not all of these species are likely to be seen, with our collective sharp eyes and ears, we’re bound to have a good time enjoying the expected species, and perhaps finding a few surprises as we enjoy the nature.

3 thoughts on ““Birding by Ear” at Hagerman WMA

    1. We plan to have everything ready to start registration April 1. The draft registration site on the home page of the website will be activated to accept registration at that time. Thanks for asking. We will be sure to let you know by email registration is open. CJ


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