Who is handling this trip?  Idaho Guide Service, Inc. has been running whitewater adventure trips since 1974, and we were the first licensed outfitter on the Middle Snake River. Our experience, reputation, and quality are unmatched. We promise you an exciting and professional Snake River adventure.

The Hagerman section of the Snake River is located in the beautiful Hagerman Valley and our most popular rafting trip. The trip starts below Lower Salmon Falls Dam one mile North of the town of Hagerman, once known to the Native Peoples for it great Salmon fishing and hunting.  The Hagerman section is a CLASS 3 trip with plenty of whitewater action, wildlife, waterfowl, and beautiful geological formations. This stretch of the Snake has great fishing and plentiful natural springs that flow into the river from the Snake River Aquifer.

What should I wear?  Idaho Guide Service suggest that you wear comfortable, quick-drying clothing, soft-soled shoes or river sandals (not flip-flops), a hat, sunglasses with a fastener, and sunscreen. During cold  weather please do not wear cotton. Polypropylene layering works best. We will provide in extra cold weather: wetsuits, booties, and  splash jackets.  Our goal is to keep you comfortable.

What should I bring?  Idaho Guide service will provide all necessary equipment for your trip. We do recommend a reusable water bottle, waterproof camera or waterproof bag, and dry clothing for after the trip.  If you have any medicines that need to be brought along on a trip please let the office know in advance.  If wearing hearing aids please be advised we do ask that they are not taken on the river.


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