Migration is happening in Idaho , plan on taking advantage of migratory birds that funnel through the state, resting and refueling on wetlands, forests and canyons.  And identify our summer arrivals to our
sage-brush steppe habitat. Join us on a short road trip through various habitats providing a “huge” variety of birds. This is an auto tour on paved and well maintained gravel roads. Pioneer Reservoir is roughly 18 miles from Hagerman and we will return on the Clover Creek road. Springtime may bring Prairie and Peregrine Falcons and American Kestrel along with nesting Burrowing Owls. Passerines include Savannah, Lark, Vesper, and Brewer’s Sparrows. The reservoir is good for waterfowl including Northern Pintail, Eared, Western, and Clark’s Grebes, Mallard, and scaup. Shorebirds could also be present.  Please bring binoculars and spotting scope if you have one. Please arrive a little early to assist in carpooling needs.


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