Located on the Pacific Flyway, Hagerman Valley’s riparian habitat along the river hosts a variety of neotropical migrants during the spring and summer months.  With warmer temperatures, year round open water, a laced network of sheltered ponds and marshes, and plenty of food in the nearby fields, it’s possible to see as many as 100 bird species during the anual Bird Festival!  Exciting field trips include exploring the new Cassia Crossbill species in the South Hills and the Mountain Bluebird in the north country, Camas County.

Since 2018, Hagerman Valley Foundation has sponsored an annual Bird Festival.  Festival net proceeds help fund the Foundation’s Hagerman Valley Bird Conservancy efforts, which include working to establish additional bird sanctuaries and sponsoring a variety of bird tours.

Please email HagermanBirdFestival@gmail.com if you are interested in getting involved with us “birds” here in the Pacific Hagerman Valley Flyway!

“Birds Matter!”
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